The Latest And Greatest In Pool Cover Technology


The Cover Pools T4 is the only automatic pool cover system on the market that is designed for stainless steel cables. By using stainless steel cables, your pool will require less frequent cover adjustments and have easier fabric replacements. Over time traditional nylon rope with stretch and wear down causing misalignment of your pool cover. However stainless steel cables never stretches or shrinks.

The T4 Motor Makes the Difference

Easy Installation
Maximum Adjustability
Smaller Footprint
Through innovative designers and technology, the T4 pool cover runs on a small and efficient motor that can fit into a 24-inch or 32-inch box. This smaller design allows for the motor to be integrated into the pool's overall design. The T4 motor was specifically designed so that you can have a beautiful, low-maintenance pool cover that blends in with your pool's natural design. That is why it was built it with long-lasting and mechanisms:
  1. Adjustable CorrResist End Hub
  2. All Stainless Steel Hardware
  3. Large 1 ½” Pulleys
  4. Drum Brake
  5. Positive/Sure-Shift Drive
  6. Reel Brake
  7. Auto-Tension CorrResist Cable Reels with Adjustable Diameter
  8. Vertical Pulleys
  9. Quick-Cable Attachment
  10. Industrial Grade Slip Clutch or AutoStop Option
  11. Thick Hard-Coated Anodizing on Marine-Grade Aluminum Brackets
  12. Quick Install Cradle
  13. New Condensed Motor with Potted Capacitor
Stainless Steel Pool Cover Motor - Pool Covers in Holbrook, NY

Industry Leading Pool Covers

Solar Pool Enclosures of NY Inc is the top distributor of Cover-Pools pool covers in New York and New Jersey. In 1962, Cover-Pools invented the automatic pool cover, the first ever pool cover that had low maintenance, easy to use, and was safe for pool-owners, and has been the leading manufacturer ever since. They stay on top of the latest trends and provide innovative designs and technologies for any pool cover.
“No challenge is too great for our staff of experts who work with engineers, architects, and builders to help cover the pool of your dreams.”