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Pool Cover Design, Installation and Maintenance


Deciding to install an automatic safety pool cover to your custom designed pool or your existing swimming pool or spa can be a wonderful decision to make to provide you with a convenient addition to your pool that is safe, easy to maintain, saves up to 70% in energy and chemical costs and can increase your homes investment up to 7%.
Cover Pools
Solar Pool Enclosures of NY Inc is the distributor for the inventor and industry leader for automatic pool covers, Cover Pools in New York and New Jersey.
We offer a wide varitety of custom automatic pool cover options and services that are designed to increase your pool experience while still remaining in your budget. If you are interested in a new automatic pool cover or servicing your current automatic pool cover, call us today at 631-471-5252.

Industry Leading Automatic Pool Covers

Solar Pool Enclosures of NY Inc is at the forefront of offering you the latest in pool cover technology. We will help you design and install a small, efficient and low maintenance automatic pool cover for your pool.
With a simple press of a button your pool can be protected in a matter of seconds. Our most popular model is the Save-T 3, for its powerful motor, personalized options and affordability.
Keep your spa warm year round with compact pool covers for your spa. The compact motor is small enough to easily install the same Cover Pool technology designed for your pool to be for your spa as well.
For those on a budget, Solar Pool Enclosures of NY Inc provides manual pool cover systems that use many of the same features as the Save-T 3. This is an economical alternative that still offers life and money saving benefits.

What Are the Benefits of an Automatic Pool Covers?


Saves Money

With a pool cover you can save thousands on chemicals, cleaning, and energy costs, totally up to 70% on operating cost savings.

Saves TIME

A pool cover keeps dirt and debris away, and is easy to clean. Saving you cleaning time, and giving you more relaxation time!


What is the point of having a heater if there is no roof? Having a pool cover helps trap the heat in your pool naturally!


Pool covers can act as horizontal fence that seals off your pool from potential accidents.

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Solar Pool Enclosures are the only company we choose to use for our clients. Gina , Eric and John are always there for you when you need them! Keep up the good work! Anthony Boglino Premier Pools & Spas

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